A modified version of the official YouTube app is called YouTube Vanced. It has many incredible features that millions of users love to utilize. For instance, this app lets you view unlimited videos for free without any advertisements or sponsors. We can get or install this program, created by Team Vanced, for nothing. The original YouTube app was modified by a developer and veteran XDA member Rafalete to include features like Sponsor Block, Send YouTube Dislike, and great Personalization. As a result of the fact that you may watch without ads for free with this app, it is also known as YouTube Advanced Mod APK.  

Youtube Vanced


APP Name YouTube Vanced APK
Version Latest Version
File Size 131 MB
Requirements 5.0 and above
Publisher WWW.YouTubeVanced.fun
Total Download 10,000,000+
Developer cuynu
Price Free
Last Update 2 hours ago

The default YouTube app for Android has been improved using Vanced. Includes background playback, ad blocking, and many other features. Install YouTube Vanced quickly by using the Vanced Management app.

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What is YouTube Vanced?

A more advanced version of YouTube that unlocks incredible features like background playback, ad blocking, a black or dark theme, and many others. Because of its amazing features, YouTube Vanced Apk is now the most popular Android application. Download the YouTube Advanced app from this page for Android, Mac, and Smart TV, PC.

To block unwelcome or free adverts, YouTube Advanced employed ad filtering. It enhances your browsing experience greatly. Get the most recent version of youtube’s advanced mod to make your YouTube faster. The project’s idea relies on an Xposed Module for the Playback of YouTube Videos.  YouTube is also accessible to advanced YouTube managers. Both the advanced manager and advanced YouTube apk are available for use.



It allows you to override codec choices, such as imposing VP9 or H.264 on outdated hardware.You can force 60 fps or HDR playing to shut off if you desire more film. (Our Discord channel or XDA are the places to find the modified device configurations.)allows you to change screen resolution for clear 4K viewing on any device and to alter the basic video quality as high or low as you’d like.The average playback speed is between 0.25x and 2x. Toggling home advertisements, product advertising, UI ads, social posts, compact movies, movie shelf removal, remove comments, compact banners, and much more!

Button to Return a Dislike:

Many people know that YouTube recently updated its software and removed the “dislike” button. Since nobody can see the dislike button on videos, use Vanced APK to restore it to each video. Hence, checking the precise dislike count for each video will be simple.

The Image inside Image:

Picture in picture mode, or PIP mode, is a mode where you may run YouTube Advanced while using other applications, and you will get a different display of YouTube.

Download YouTube Vanced to take advantage of PIP mode since this feature is only accessible on this program.

Swipe Control:

You can adjust the sound and display brightness with just a swipe. This feature is similar to other video-watching platforms like MX Player. Fundamentally, a swipe is required to alter the brightness and music on the  screen. You no longer need to use the device notification panel to adjust the brightness.


 The auto-repeat button is not available while using the official YouTube. We have to start the video again to repeat the very start. But, this issue has been resolved thanks to the auto-repeat feature in the Vanced APK.


Every day the same theme, such as white and black, is provided by YouTube. Users of YouTube grow increasingly disinterested in just these themes. Download YouTube APP now to enjoy more themes, as it offers dark, black, and white options. The black and dark theme might reduce battery usage on mobile devices by around 20%.

New Features in YouTube Vanced APK

  • All forms of ads, including banner, mid-roll, and pre-roll ones, are blocked by YouTube Vanced.
  • When your phone is off or using other apps, you can still have videos playing in the background.
  • You can use your phone to perform other chores while continuing to view a video in a small window.
  • You can play videos at a resolution higher than your phone or internet connection will support.
  • The app’s color scheme can be customized to your preferences.
  • Swipe right or left on the screen to fast-forward or rewind a video.
  • Videos may be set up to repeat, useful for studying or listening to music continually.
  • Subtitles that display in videos can be disabled.
  • All videos can have a basic playback quality that is selectable.

Ban Sponsors/Community Posts: You can block promoted movies and community posts on the main page or the subscriber feed.

Background Playback

While using other apps, even if your device is locked, you can watch videos or listen to your favorite podcasts and MP3s. That seems possible. It is, indeed! You can now multitask for free with Vanced app’s background player. To summarize, open the app, play a video or song with the rock player, close it, and browse your other apps. The song or video will continue to play in the background, so don’t worry. Enjoy your favorite music or videos by downloading YouTube Vanced APK, installing it easily and quickly, and then taking advantage of this great function.

Ad Blocker

With the advanced YouTube app’s ad blocker. Now that the annoying adverts in the middle of the films have been removed, you may browse and enjoy your favorite videos without concern. Install YouTube Vanced APK quickly and effortlessly to enjoy ad-free viewing forever.Install YouTube Vanced APK quickly and effortlessly to enjoy ad-free viewing forever. Vanced Manager APK installation is no longer necessary.

youtube vanced

Video Downloader

 Enjoy selecting the movie or mp3 quality you wish to download to your phone. You may now watch films or MP3s directly to your device’s local storage for offline use using the built-in video downloader in VancedYouTube. Install YouTubeVanced APK right away. There is no longer a requirement to download Vanced Management APK.

Youtube Vanced For IOS.

Alternative For YouTube Vanced  For ios

The greatest Vanced alternative for Apple iOS users is YouTube++. The YouTube app is a modified version of the original.

“Youtube++” is a modified version of the YouTube app that is not available on the official app store. It is typically downloaded from third-party app stores or websites and offers additional features and functionalities beyond what is available on the official YouTube app.

Features of YouTube ++

Not all of Vanced’s unique features are available in YouTube++.

  • Ad-blocking
  • Background playback
  • Video downloading
  • Audio-only playback
  • Auto-replay
  • No age restrictions
  • Playback speed control.
  • Enhanced video quality
  • Save and share video thumbnails
  • Audio EQ customization


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use YouTube Vanced APK?
Hidden contentYes, using YouTube Vanced is secure. It is malware- and virus-free and is a customized version of the original Youtube app. To make sure you are not downloading malware, it is advised only to download the program from a reputable source.
Will YouTube Vanced get upgrades similar to those for the main YouTube app?
Like the original YouTube app, YouTube Vanced will occasionally get upgrades. The most recent version is available for download from the original website, or you can look for updates within the app.
Is YouTube Vanced APK legal?
Although it is under YouTube’s terms of service, using YouTube Vanced is not illegal. There haven’t been any instances, though, of users encountering any legal problems as a result of using the program.
Can I still use YouTube Vanced if I update the official YouTube app?
No, updating the official YouTube app will overwrite YouTube Vanced. You will need to reinstall YouTube Vanced after updating the official app.
What is YouTube Vanced APK?
YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that allows users to enjoy ad-free videos, background playback, and several other features that are not available in the original app.
Can I sign in to my YouTube account on YouTube Vanced APK?
Yes, you can sign in to your YouTube account on YouTube Vanced and access your subscriptions and playlists.

Final words:

Vanced App is a well-liked and useful app for Android users who desire a more personalized and ad-free YouTube experience. It provides a more continuous viewing experience with background playback, ad-blocking, and picture-in-picture mode. Although it is against YouTube’s privacy policies to use the app, there have been no reports of users having any legal troubles or other complications. To make sure you have the most recent features and security upgrades, it’s crucial to download the software from a reliable source and keep it updated. YouTube Vanced is unquestionably worthwhile to try out if you’re an Android user searching for a better YouTube experience.